Emergency Leave in Oman 2024: Your Rights and Responsibilities

Emergency Leave in Oman

Emergencies that were not happen in life, and sometimes these situations call for a pause in work. Like many other nations, Oman recognizes this need and allows its workers to take emergency leave. Recognizing your entitlements and obligations concerning emergency leave in Oman is essential for effectively managing unpredictable events.

By the labor law of Oman, it is not included but a few provisions such as sick leaves, compassionate leaves, annual leaves, maternity and paternity leaves can be granted as emergency leave.

In this article, we discuss:

  • Types of leave in Oman
  • Eligibility criteria to apply for emergency leave in Oman
  • Steps involved in applying for an emergency leave in Oman

Understanding Emergency Leave As Per Oman Labor Law

Emergency leave is not addressed specifically in the labor law in Oman. Certain provisions regarding leave entitlements and compassionate leave apply as part of the emergency leave. Based on the internal policies and emergency nature, employers typically grant emergency leave.

With reference to the labor law, employment contracts, and company policies of Oman, both employees and employers communicate effectively and handle emergencies with compassion and understanding.

Types of Leaves in Oman

There are a few types of leaves that are typically followed in Oman. It is granted to employees and is governed by the country’s labor laws and regulations. Here are some common types of leaves in Oman:

Annual Leave:

The annual leave is also known as vacation leave. It is provided to employees to take rest, relax, and enjoy some personal time off. The annual leave duration is based on the service length and employment contract. Employees can avail of 15-30 days per year as annual leave.

Sick Leave:

Employees who are ill or injured and unable to work take this kind of leave. The sick leave duration and the documentation required may vary from case to case. It is provided to ensure employees can recover without loss of pay.

Maternity Leave:

Female employees are eligible to take maternity leave. It is provided to employees to give birth to their newborn while taking care of themselves. The maternity leave duration may vary as per the circumstances.

Paternity Leave:

New fathers who desire to assist their families at some stage in those critical first few weeks of elevating their youngsters may practice for paternity depart as consistent with Omani labor regulations. With this incredible approach, relationships can be bolstered and the joys of parenthood can be shared!

Special Leave:

For specific reasons such as marriage, religion, bereavement, observances, or official duties, employers grant special leave to employees. The special leave conditions and duration are determined by the employer’s policies and labor regulations.

Public Holidays:

Public holidays are widely observed and supported by employers in Oman. Religious holidays and national day celebrations are examples of public holidays. These have been declared public holidays by the government.

Unpaid Leave:

Employees may request unpaid leave for any reason. It includes extended travel, personal reasons, or other purposes. It is not covered by other types of leave. Note that the unpaid leave approval and duration are subject to the discretion and policies of the employer.

Eligible Criteria For Emergency Leave In Oman

emergency leave in Oman

The eligibility criteria for emergency leave in Oman typically depend on the relevant labor laws, employer’s policies, and employment contract terms. Different criteria may vary between organizations. However, emergency leave is generally granted for urgent situations. It requires an employee’s immediate attention or presence. Here we share some common eligibility criteria for emergency leave in Oman, to help you understand better:

Emergency Nature:

Situations such as the death of a family member or emergency leave for a funeral, serious illness, accidents, or natural disasters come under emergency leave that requires the urgent employee’s presence.


To avail of the emergency leaves, employees are required to provide documentation. It is usually proof of the emergency. It includes documents such as medical certificates, accident reports, death certificates, or other relevant documents.


It is required by the employees to notify their employer as soon as possible. They need to inform the employer about the emergency to take the leave. It has specific procedures for requesting emergency leave, such as:

  • Whom to notify?
  • How to provide documentation?


The emergency leaves need approval by the employer or relevant authority. Employers need to assess the urgency and validity of the situation before granting leave. It also considers factors such as the employee’s job responsibilities, his/her workload, and the impact of their absence.


In Oman, the emergency leave duration may vary depending on the circumstances. It may vary depending on the emergency and the employer’s policies.

Other Leave Types:

Other leave types, such as annual leave, sick leave, or compassionate leave. Employers may consider these leaves before granting emergency leave.

Policies and Regulations Compliance:

Employees must follow their organization’s regulations and approaches about emergencies go away. Any relevant labor legal guidelines and guidelines that might be observed in Oman have to be taken into consideration. If these conditions are not satisfied, the approval of emergency leave may be affected.

Duration Of Oman Emergency Leave

According to Oman labor law, the employees are entitled to take each year six days of emergency leave. Given that it may only take two days on each occasion. Also to avail of the emergency leave, it is required to submit documents to prove the basis of the leave requirement.

Employer’s Role and Responsibilities

To ensure fair treatment of employees while complying with legal requirements, there are various roles and responsibilities of employers in Oman under the labor law. We discuss some key roles and responsibilities of employers that are outlined in the Omani labor law:

Following Omani Labor Law

Oman labor law requires employers to preserve suitable exertion family members in the agency and make sure honest and lawful exertion practices are applied to promote the welfare and well-being of personnel. By doing this employers fulfill their roles and obligations and make contributions to effective work surroundings.


Employers must deal with employees similarly about approving go away. There is no discrimination primarily based on race, gender, religion, nationality, or other characteristics. Fostering an inclusive, diverse, and respectful place of business calls for sound judgment.

Communication and Documentation

It is essential to ensure that employers must maintain accurate records and documentation. It is related to employment, including

  • Employment contracts
  • Attendance records
  • Leave records
  • Wage records
  • Other relevant documents, as required by the labor law.

Paid Leave vs Unpaid Leave

Depending on the circumstances, employees can avail of emergency leaves. It can be both paid and unpaid as well. The paid leaves are for serious situations such as illness, accidents, or any mishap. While, employees may request unpaid leave for any of the reasons including personal reasons, extended travel, or other purposes in certain circumstances it is not covered by other types of leave. Note that the unpaid leave approval and duration are subject to the discretion and policies of the employer. Get to know more about gratuity in Oman.

Steps For Applying For Emergency Leave In Oman

There are a few steps when applying for emergency leave in Oman. Here are the detailed steps involved:

Inform Your Employer Immediately

Don’t forget to inform your employer as soon as you become aware of the emergency. It’s up to you which mode of communication you can use, you can inform them verbally or inform them with a written document.

Explain the Reason for Leave

After notifying the employer or supervisor, make sure to explain the actual reason for taking leave. It is necessary to do so so that an employee can avail of paid emergency leaves by notifying the seriousness of the situation they may face.

Estimate Leave Duration

The estimated duration of emergency leave depends on the seriousness of the emergency. Its leave duration depends on other factors also such as employee contracts, company policies, and the labor law of Oman.

Follow Company Procedures

Employees adhere to the company policies strictly so that they can be provided with emergency leaves on time. Failure to follow the company policies will result in serious negligence and the employee may face disapproval of emergency leave

Provide Documentation

Depending on the nature of the emergency, the employee may be required to submit documents as proof of a situation. Submit the documents if required by the employer, documents such as medical reports in case of an illness, and death certificate if the loss of a loved one.


Oman emergency leave

In Oman, as per the labor law, you are not granted emergency leave. But few can entitle a few provisions such as sick leaves, emergency leave for work, compassionate leaves, annual leaves, maternity leaves, and paternity leaves.

Employees can be granted emergency leave in Oman based on the company’s internal policies and the nature of the emergency. However, the emergency leaves can be paid and unpaid as well depending on the situation.

To avail of the emergency leave, both employees and employers need to communicate effectively and handle emergencies with compassion and understanding. If you want to streamline your Oman-based business operations? Look no further for a curated list of trusted payroll companies in Oman!”

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