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Connect Resources is the UAE’s leading Workforce Solutions Company in the Middle East and an official alliance of Randstad. We offer PEO – EOR- HR Payroll – Staff outsourcing and Talent Acquisition services.

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Enhance Your Payroll Processes With Safeguard Global’s Support!

Safeguard Global has been a pioneer in payroll solutions for years. Providing a complete range of services that have been instruments to the successful running of payroll management for global businesses. Offering automation, alignment with regulations, and capacity to scale, Safeguard Global provides businesses with the support to execute and manage payroll in Israel efficiently.

When it comes to the particular tax laws, wage standards, and benefit expectations for payroll processing in Israel, our local experts offer the most current expertise. These include regional, income, and corporate taxes; social taxes such as unemployment, medical care, and pensions; vacation, holiday, and other leave-related compensation; contributions from employers and additional withholdings.

We use several methods to manage payroll. For your multinational company, Payroll 360 is our global payroll solution that simplifies processing across borders, currencies, languages, and time zones, providing you with worldwide access to pay data so you can make more informed workforce decisions. With GEO, our employer-of-record solution, you may hire and compensate foreign employees without the need for a local organization. For your business activities in a particular nation, Payroll Express is our local payroll solution.

Whether it is responding to queries, settling problems, or giving strategic advice, Safeguard Global is always at the disposal of its valued clients making their payroll path pleasant and convenient. Safeguard Global’s payroll solutions vividly show innovation, expertise, and a customer-oriented attitude. Through the application of international advanced technology, global knowledge of compliance, and hands-on support, Safeguard Global equips businesses with the tools they need to outrun all future challenges of global payroll management and achieve success on the global stage.

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