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Connect Resources is the UAE’s leading Workforce Solutions Company in the Middle East and an official alliance of Randstad. We offer PEO – EOR- HR Payroll – Staff outsourcing and Talent Acquisition services.

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The Best Payroll Option For Your Company

Pay Square is a top-notch service provider that can help you process your payroll timely and accurate. Managing your payments can be time-consuming and involve risk if not done properly. With the unique approach of the key players of Pay Square, you can overcome challenges and navigate regulations seamlessly.

The implementation of a payroll outsourcing solution can give your company the boost it deserves to start succeeding. Free up valuable internal resources and start focusing on how to continue expanding across the country while a team of knowledgeable professionals handles your payments, taxes, compensation, benefits, reporting, and other related tasks.

Manual and time-consuming processes related to your payroll can be easily overcome with the support of Pay Square. Regardless if you are a small or large company, you can rely on our well-versed professionals to guarantee a compliant payroll. Our consultancy service is what makes us distinct in the marketplace.

In addition to supporting your company with our payroll outsourcing, we offer our EOR/PEO Services to help you simplify your workforce management. Having support with local employment and payroll management can take your business on a growth journey. Our team ensures you have everything in place.

Payroll service is delivered based on the particular needs of your business thanks to the experts at Pay Square. Our goal is to keep your data secure with our unparalleled expertise, so your employees can get their payments with no delays and you can see an enhancement in productivity.

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